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Podcasts and Me

I see the value of podcasts.  I do.  If I want to market myself as a writer one day, podcasts may have to be a part of my repertoire. According to the article The Digital Affair: Podcasting makes  marketing sense … Continue reading

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Better you than me..

That’s how I feel about podcasts.  I’m thrilled that there are people out there creating and publishing podcasts so that we can all listen to them.  Thrilled and grateful.  Because if you’re doing it…than that means I don’t have to. Let me … Continue reading

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Whew…podcasts done

Okay…this isn’t a picture of me but it captures how I’m feeling right now perfectly. I am so (soooooo) relieved to have my podcasts finished!  I definitely do not have a radio-host in my dying to come out.  Not in this lifetime.   Two … Continue reading

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Writers + Podcasts =

As much as I am not looking forward to doing an actual podcast (and I mean…really, really not looking forward to it), I am having a lot of fun looking for podcasts.  There are so many of them out there!  I … Continue reading

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