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Pulling it all together…

At first glance, social media and writing seem like a perfect match. Writing is a way to communicate. Social media is a forum for communicating. Writing is an expression of the author’s thoughts, insights, feelings, perspectives – the story they want … Continue reading

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And the next blog step is…

Okay…maybe I won’t be a professional booger (lol) but I do know that I plan to pursue blogging in some capacity.  As a wannabe writer, what better place to practice and, at the same time, connect with a real reading audience?  Ah…but how do you get … Continue reading

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Bad news…good news…leads to this post

Bad News. If you read my Wonderful World of Widgets post and the subsequent comment made by a kind-hearted “real-world blogger” (whose been at this a wee-bit longer than the 5 days we have – lol)….you’ll know that I didn’t quite … Continue reading

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Blogging, tweeting and…marketing?

First off…I have to confess that when I picked up the textbook for  class, The Zen of Social Media Marketing, my initial thought was “I’m not intersted in marketing – I want to know what the big deal is about … Continue reading

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The wonderful world of widgets

As I delve deeper into this strange new world of blogging, I find more and more things I’d like to be able to do…but don’t know how to do.  I keep asking myself How did they get an e-book, newsletter … Continue reading

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Some amazing blogs on…well…blogging

When I started the assignment “Find and evaluate two blogs….” who would’ve guessed it would lead me to such amazing information.  Since I am so new to blogging, I decided to explore blogs about blogging (wow…say that sentence 5 times).   Below are the two … Continue reading

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My first blog step

Okay…here goes…entering into the world of blogging.  Taking those first few tentative steps.  Not really sure what I’m doing right now but have to start somehwere.  Where will this journey into blogging and tweeting take me?  I’m not sure right now.  I … Continue reading

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