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Launching new blog: Being Truly Present

I have started writing a new blog called Being Truly Present.  It is a blog about finding, embracing and living a truly present life, filled with passion balance, clarity and purpose.    I would be honored if you joined me at … Continue reading

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Pulling it all together…

At first glance, social media and writing seem like a perfect match. Writing is a way to communicate. Social media is a forum for communicating. Writing is an expression of the author’s thoughts, insights, feelings, perspectives – the story they want … Continue reading

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Videos and me…

When we were given the course outline several weeks back and I saw the module on videos, my reaction was not what you’d call positive.  More like dread.  I like to write…but a video?  Well, much to my surprise, I … Continue reading

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Watching and learning…

This module on videos has been a real eye-opener.  If you read my previous post I want off the YouTube Rollercoaster, you know that I had some highs and lows getting my first video done.  I say “first” because after … Continue reading

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Found amazing software…

I am so excited.  I just found some amazing software (free 7-day trial) and was able to do a YouTube video that has the “Wham factor” I was looking for.  I’ll  share the links…but first watch the video 🙂 The software … Continue reading

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What is your Intent?

Hurray!  I did it.  Ya-hoo!  Ya-hoo!  My first YouTube video. You can hear me breathe a bit too much…but…I’m still happy with it.  Please check it out!  (and hit the like button – I’ll pay you later – lol)

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I want off the YouTube Rollercoaster…

This “create a YouTube video” has been a rollercoaster.  Ups and downs.  Ups and downs.  I was so excited, thinking I’d be able to do something with animation.  Movement.  Power.  Remember the Social Media Revolution 2012 video we watched the … Continue reading

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YouTube – more than giggles?

I’ll admit it.  My foray into YouTube land has been limited pretty much to clicking on the links sent to me.  Some have resulted in belly laughs (Dancing puppet in car).  Others have saddened me (Amanda Todd’s Message before Suicide).  Still others … Continue reading

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Podcasts and Me

I see the value of podcasts.  I do.  If I want to market myself as a writer one day, podcasts may have to be a part of my repertoire. According to the article The Digital Affair: Podcasting makes  marketing sense … Continue reading

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Better you than me..

That’s how I feel about podcasts.  I’m thrilled that there are people out there creating and publishing podcasts so that we can all listen to them.  Thrilled and grateful.  Because if you’re doing it…than that means I don’t have to. Let me … Continue reading

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