Watching and learning…

This module on videos has been a real eye-opener.  If you read my previous post I want off the YouTube Rollercoaster, you know that I had some highs and lows getting my first video done.  I say “first” because after I Found Amazing Software, I created another video…and have since created another one (our kitchen reno – posted it on Facebook), and another one (to be released at Christmas).  Hey…I’m getting my 7 free days worth!.

And now, after watching my colleagues videos, I’m tempted to go back and try a few more things.

Tempted….but real life is calling me.

So…how did my colleagues videos inspire me?  Wow…where to start?  First off, I’d have to say that those who used Xtranormal really opened my eyes.  When I was considering how to do my first video, I didn’t think much of Xtranormal and crossed it off my list.  Too limiting.  Too robotic.  But then…I watched some of my colleagues videos. 

One did an Extranormal video from a child’s perspective (Adrienne & Owen Discuss Christmas), another did one based on a spaceship (Bra Fitting on a Spaceship) and yet another used it as a quick way to redirect you to her Snape presentation (Newfoundland: Spectacular Views, Spectacular People).  As I watched each, it made me re-think the limitations I put on Xtranormal.  So much so, that I plan to go back and play around with it a bit (real life can wait a bit longer – lol)

The other thing that stood out for me when watching my classmates videos, was how the same platform can be used in different ways.   Many of us used some form of a Powerpoint presentation.  One used it to add a bit of visual to a predominantly auditory exercise (Mindfulness Moment) while another used images and words together to make you both laugh and think (Things we learn from Cats).   Still another used Powerpoint to take something straightforward like Japanese treats and made it visually appealing and interesting (The Way of Wagashi).  And others used Powerpoint to share profound messages (Gifts for the Grieving and The Seed is Sown).  After watching all of them, I was struck by how much can be done with Powerpoint when it is melded with screen recording and video editing software.

Interestingly, only two of my classmates (so far) did a video where we could actually see them.  One was a Rick-Mercer-style-Rant (My Run Rant).   The other had laugh-out-loud captions of the dog’s thoughts during the making of the video (Jackson the Dog).  Both took a traditional video format but put an interesting twist on it.

So…what have I learned from watching my classmates videos?  In a nutshell…I’d like to watch more of them and do more of them myself.  Why?  Because it’s a creative outlet.  It’s a way of expressing a part of ourselves.  I learned a little bit more about each of my classmates by watching their video – the topic they chose and the style they chose.  Brings me back to the title of this module Broadcast Yourself: Going Visual with Videos.  We really are choosing to broadcast a part of ourselves, whether our face is on the screen or not.  We’re showing a part of ourselves.  And, I for one, like what I’ve seen in my classmates and in myself.

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4 Responses to Watching and learning…

  1. zenoffun says:

    You put all together beautifully in this post – now I wonder what I’m going to write about …. 🙂

  2. wendy0114 says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Bring it on – life CAN wait a bit longer. Well written and thought through. 👍

  3. floorartist says:

    Here’s a thought. Creating is life. If this makes you happy, do it!! 🙂

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