Found amazing software…

I am so excited.  I just found some amazing software (free 7-day trial) and was able to do a YouTube video that has the “Wham factor” I was looking for.  I’ll  share the links…but first watch the video 🙂

The software is called Videoscribe.  There were three very helpful YouTube videos that walk you through how to use it:

The video clips are for the pro version (which you have to pay for) but you can do most of what he describes with the free version.  I’d recommend checking out their site for more information.  If I decide to do more YouTube videos, this software would definitely make my short-list.

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9 Responses to Found amazing software…

  1. this was truly wonderful to watch. Short, interesting graphics. Awesome work!

    • Thanks. It was so fun to make. Have been playing with the software again today. Made a short Christmas card-video. Not usually this on top of things for Christmas….but figured I’d do it before the 7 day trial ran out. Learned that you can take your own pictures (or URL’s from pictures on the net) and the software will draw them too….so the possibilities are quite endless with this software program. Hmmm…maybe I’ll ask Santa… 🙂

  2. wordsurround says:

    Thank you…wonderful software, and even better, a lovely and profound reminder. Needed it today, a bit more than usual.

  3. wendy0114 says:

    I really liked this….. I forwarded it to a really good friend of mine. Your voice takes on a much different quality in this video. It still has the same smoothness – but it has a bit more … hmmmm – curiosity… urgency. The music also contributes to it.

    • I agree that my voice has a different quality in this one. I noticed it right away. I think it was the music. In “What is your intent”, listening to Pachebel makes me feel quiet and reflective. The music I chose for this one moved me in a different way. It makes me realize how much music can influence our emotions. My sister – a musician – would be proud of me that I finally get the emotion behind music! – lol

  4. Lori Smith, M.Ed. says:

    That’s excellent!!!! Great video. I might just use your video in my upcoming blog posts, with your permission, after the course is over. Let me know, and I will get the embedded code for your video from you. Namaste!!

  5. floorartist says:

    Just watched the videoscribe videos. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

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