What is your Intent?

Hurray!  I did it.  Ya-hoo!  Ya-hoo!  My first YouTube video.

You can hear me breathe a bit too much…but…I’m still happy with it.  Please check it out!  (and hit the like button – I’ll pay you later – lol)

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21 Responses to What is your Intent?

  1. wordsurround says:

    That was lovely. Your youtube video is saved as a favourite.

    And: I will live in light and love. Thank you for the reminding….

  2. sandimcneill says:

    Simply wonderful – I enjoyed it very much. I posted on facebook too !!!

  3. sandimcneill says:

    It was simply wonderful – it made my day !!

    • Sorry I didn’t reply to you comment sooner. For some reason you ended up in my Spam folder (which I keep forgetting to check). Glad to hear that you enjoyed the video. And thanks for posting it on your facebook – that made my day (so we’re even – smile)

  4. floorartist says:

    Diane, Good job!! Great message. I make promises to myself everyday. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping them.

  5. Ana says:

    Loved it! So inspiring… the pacing of your voice makes the meaning of each word sink in. Thank you Diane!

    • Thanks Ana! I was wondering if the pacing was too slow (knowing that YouTube watchers expect a quick pace)…but I wanted time for reflection and, as you said, for the words to sink in. Thanks for letting me know that the pace worked for you!

  6. Just mirroring what I put in Facebook. As one of your classmates in ADL310, I have to put my hands together and clap. Bravo Bravo. What a nice reflective and peaceful video. It grabs your attention by providing a variety of pictures to enjoy and your voice is smooth, calming and soothing. Of course adding some Pachelbel as your background music helped to enhanced it all. 20 out of 20 for your work on this.

    • Thanks Ken (I mean runsevencontinents). Really appreciate the feedback. I was holding my breath waiting for someone to respond – and was thrilled when I got your response. It put a big smile on my face! So thank you for responding so quickly on Facebook and again on my blog. 🙂

  7. Every morning since I first watched this video, I’ve taken the time to lay in bed, make an intention for the day, and then used that intention to ground me throughout the day. This has been quite life changing. VIsually, your video had a huge impact on me. Your rate of speech, and your tone was so easy to follow and listen to – very supportive and warm. Wonderful job, PM!

  8. zenoffun says:

    Darn it! – I wished I had watched your video BEFORE I started the process of making my own video as it would have relaxed me and kept me more focused and calm. I loved your video with the beautiful spiritual message of how to live each day fully with intent.

    • Your comment made me laugh. But…hopefully watching it AFTER the stress of making your own video (which I can definitely relate to!) put you back on track.

    • wslemon says:

      I loved this! You dont have to pay me to give the video a “like” It was terrific. Very inspirational. I wish I had seen it prior to starting too.. would have asked what software you used. I also found You tube a roller coster. Still despite the difficulties you made this beautiful video. Thanks for sharing!

      • Thanks for commenting – glad you enjoyed it (and saved me from paying you for the “like” – lol). As for what software I used, I just installed Camtasia and it automatically added something to PowerPoint so they worked together. I set up everything in Powerpoint and the Camtasia add-in allowed me to record music playing from the internet while I spoke it to the mike. It then gave me the option of editing it in Camtasia before publishing it. Couldn’t figure out how to edit (would’ve liked to have gotten read of the sound of my breathing – lol)….so I just published it. Might try to figure out Camtasia a bit better – it seems to be able to do a lot.

  9. wendy0114 says:

    Hi D, I SO needed this message today. I think I am ‘functioning’ on some days even before I get out of bed!! Some days, I need more breathing and more purposeful intention. I plan to start to make an intention a day! The music was moving – that was the music I had at my wedding- and the pictures were so appropriate. Great work.

  10. lunaluchena says:

    That was beautiful, inspiring, thought provoking, soothing yet invigorating, and just all ’round AWESOME!

    Thank you for those moments.

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