Podcasts and Me

I see the value of podcasts.  I do.  If I want to market myself as a writer one day, podcasts may have to be a part of my repertoire.

According to the article The Digital Affair: Podcasting makes  marketing sense for authors. “They’re important marketing tools as well as an  art form in and of themselves,” Bennett states. The literary public expects  authors to maintain a web presence that presents information about the author’s  work and life.  Bennett says podcasting  provides inexpensive content for a writer’s site that can draw new users as  well as seasoned readers. Another advantage is the simplicity factor. Content  is uploaded to an aggregator, which builds interest in an author’s work and  generates back links to a writer’s website. Podcasts also connect existing fans  and potential new fans.

The article also goes on to give the following example: Sci-fi author Scott Sigler turned rejection slips into a podiobook dynasty, of  sorts. He recorded his first book, EarthCore,  in 2005, dividing it into 22 episodes. He posted the installments online and  e-mailed free to subscribers. When his second novel released, he had an  established listenership of 30,000.That’s when the print  publishing offers surfaced.

So yes, I need to be more open to the concept of podcasting, as it definitely fits in the writing world.

Maybe I can get away with writing the script for the podcast and hiring someone to read it for me?  Hmm…didn’t one of my classmates say that her husband has a radio background?!?  🙂

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3 Responses to Podcasts and Me

  1. petphotos95 says:

    That’s not a bad idea, if you aren’t comfortable reading your work for recording. On the other hand, I have been to readings by authors, and while they are not actors by any stretch, sometimes the way they read a passage gives me a completely different sense of what a character is like, or the scene the author envisaged when describing a scene. It can really add to the experience when I go back to read the book again.

    • I’ve never actually been to a book reading before but I imagine that it could be very enlightening. If my path leads me to become a published author one day – then I will read (with great pride) from the book I’ve published. I’d be so proud I wouldn’t care what my voice sounded like!

    • bbray says:

      Definitely agree with your there, Nancy. I’ve had some real insights into a number of works after hearing the author read them. Even though, as you say, the aren’t the best actors.

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