Facebook groups for writers

First off, I wouldn’t consider myself a writer…yet.  Will I be the next best-selling author?  Or the next super-blogger? Not sure at this point if I have the talent or the know-how.  But what I do know, is that every wannabe writer will only get better with feedback…and lots of it.

That’s where social media can come into play.

We already know how blogging can be a great avenue for a new writer to get in some solid practice time, but what about Facebook?  What role can Facebook play?  I explored the answer to this question by looking for writers’ groups on Facebook.

Writing – This is an open group on Facebook with 3,794 members.  The group calls out to “all fellow artists of the writing kind” and is self-described as “a place to share anything and everything about writing.  It’s a place to sit and inspire one another and help each other as writers”. 

The site is very active.  When I logged on, there had been 18 posts within the last 24 hours from 12 different people.  The posts ranged from links to help with writing to announcements about blog posts.  A page called “Files” is set up for members to share their writing, as well as a page for past and upcoming writing events (unfortunately, no upcoming events were listed).  The About page has mini profiles of each member (picture, when they joined and where they work – although the latter is not filled out by everyone), which allows for further networking.

Is it a good example of social marking?  Yes and no.  No, because it’s not directly tied back to a company or business.  Yes, because it’s marketing…well…writing.  It’s a very active site that seems to provide a good opportunity for writers to network with each other, share links, learn from each other and share examples of writing.

LitPow Writer’s Network – This is another open group on Facebook with 586 members but is very different from the last.  This is a definite marketing site, as it ties back to the website of the consulting firm Literary Powerhouse.  But it’s not over-the-top marketing heavy since they do add value for their members by providing a forum to connect with their target audience of  authors, agents, editors, publishers, publicists and lawyers.  The site is  very active – 8 posts within 24 hours.   The posts range from LPH announcing signings of new clients, books that have been published, members posting questions, links to articles about publishing and writing and even a 100-word Halloween writing contest for members.

Is it a good example of social marketing?  Yes, I’d say based on the level of activity by members posts, the LPH team has done a great job of setting up a Facebook group that attracts and converts viewers to members and keeps them coming back.   And, I would hazard to guess, that a few have also been transformed into clients of LPH.

So, now…the big question.  Which of the two types of groups would you join?  I know my answer…what’s yours?

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