And the next blog step is…

Okay…maybe I won’t be a professional booger (lol) but I do know that I plan to pursue blogging in some capacity.  As a wannabe writer, what better place to practice and, at the same time, connect with a real reading audience?  Ah…but how do you get the audience?  Yes, that question still needs to be answered.  There are myriads of writers out there with blogs.  What will distinguish mine?  What will entice those roaming the blogosphere to visit my site and then…more importantly…decide that it’s worth coming back to? Or that it’s impacted them enough to leave a comment, start a dialogue?

By doing a quick google search I’ve come up with the beginnings of a list of sites that I hope will help me (and you) begin to find the answers:

So much to read.  So much out there.  Will all this reading and research paralyze me from actually writing?  Will “knowing” too much stilt how I write?  Maybe, maybe not.  I think its important to understand the environment you’re trying to write in, enough to know where you fit.  Not changing who you are in order to fit – but finding the place within the huge world of social media where you feel at home.  Do I expect to find this place right away?  Nope.  But through trial and error, starts and stops, reaching out and listening…I will find my place within the world of blogging.

And when I find this place…my promise to myself is that my feet will remain planted on this side of reality.  I will honor the connections that can be made in the social media world but will keep myself grounded in the real world, with real people.  I will ensure that what I post and tweet will be words that I can take pride in, words that have depth, have value and contribute something to the well-being of others.  My writing will come from within me and will be true to me.

So…with a peaceful mind and an open heart, I will begin down this path and go wherever this leg of the journey takes me.  Professional booger (smile) who reaches many or small blogger who reaches the one person that needs it.  Either way, works for me.

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15 Responses to And the next blog step is…

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  2. sandimcneill says:

    Reblogged this on Sandi McNeill and commented:
    Cute comics!! I’m not a professional blogger either!

  3. sandimcneill says:

    Love the comics and the layout! Your blog looks terrific!

  4. wendy0114 says:

    Ohhhh Diane, I so needed this perspective taking this morning. Thank you. It is a difficult thing to contemplate – “As a wannabe writer, what better place to practice and, at the same time, connect with a real reading audience?” – I absolutely resonate with this. Can’t wait to look up the links that you have put in your blog. A little bit of help goes a long way…….

    • Wendy: I’m continually trying to keep this in perspective, as it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. I’m just taking my first steps into writing (and blogging)…and while I know it’s where I need to be / want to be…its easy to feel a bit in over my head. I’m excited and scared all at the same time. But…I’m reminding myself to breathe (smile), be patient with myself and to step out of my comfort zone and take a few risks (and reminding myself that there is no such thing as failure, only learning experiences). I think the Universe is in agreement (smile) as I came across the following quote this morning (and tweeted): “No matter where you are on your journey, that’s exactly where you need to be” – Oprah. So…here’s to both of us being okay with where we are…and doing some back and forth leaning on each other as we continue down this creative writing path (I am soooo glad you’re in the Certificate program with me!)
      – Diane

  5. Diane, thanks for the laughs! I appreciate your websites and will be bookmarking them. Your paragraph starting with “And when I find this place…” reminds me of a creed – a solid place from where to blog! I think it would be good idea to post this “Blogger Creed” for all the world to share.
    BTW, your page looks great. How did you add the ratings, and the Personal Mantra?
    Thanks, again, for demonstrating an excellent blogsite, and blog.
    Wendy Kurchak

    • Wendy: Thanks for the positive feedback. And maybe I will re-use the paragraph as a “Blogger Creed”. Hmmm…will have to give that some more thought.

      As for your two questions: 1. I believe the ratings just came automatically with the theme I chose (or I activated the option…and now can’t remember how!) and 2. I added the Personal Mantra by using a text widget. The picture underneath the mantra is in an image widget.

  6. I think you are well on your way to being a successful blogger. I have added all those links to my favourites and will dig through them when I have some more time. Thanks for providing me with a good read for the evening.

  7. My perspective is that you will never know until you try. There may be many writers out there blogging but I find that reading other peoples comments on the various blogs you get a great deal of perspective. I say go for it. Spread your wings and write. You never know where it will lead you.

  8. Felicity Grace says:

    This is an outstanding blog post which genuine heartfelt perspective on the path of writing. It shows your dedication, devotion, and desire to learn as a Writer (with a capital W). Since I am also on this path (writing about creating meaningful legacy through service and social media), I marvel and enjoy reading your reflections. Thank you for sprinkling the path with seeds, and as I walk along with you may we benefit from mutual germination and growth. Blessings!

  9. Thanks so much for your comment! I’m new to blogging (doing it for a class)…and find that I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. Great to hear that my writing is appreciated out there in the “real world”. Thank you for taking the time to comment – much appreciated 🙂

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