Some amazing blogs on…well…blogging

When I started the assignment “Find and evaluate two blogs….” who would’ve guessed it would lead me to such amazing information.  Since I am so new to blogging, I decided to explore blogs about blogging (wow…say that sentence 5 times).   Below are the two amazing sites I found.  I liked them so much I bookmarked them for myself so I can go back and read them in more detail.  If you want to explore them further, all you need to do is click on the screen shot (which I just learned how to do :)) or click on one of the various links that are peppered throughout.

Before you start reading…you might want to grab a cup of coffee…this is a long post (but I think is worth reading to the end!)

1.  Sparring Mind.  The specific blog entry that caught my attention was50 Successful Blogs That Prove You Don’t Have to “Blog About Blogging” To Create a Winner”  . The premise of the blog entry is captured in the author’s statement:  If there is one piece of advice that I would relay about blogging to any newcomer, it would be this: smart marketing tactics work far better in untapped niches than they do in the blogging/marketing community.  He then goes on to provide 50 examples of blogs that meet his guidelines of success (which he explains in the blog).  Each of the 50 examples have:

    • a screen shot of the site  – great way to quickly see what the blog is about and how it is set up.  Plus it breaks up all the text in the post which makes it easier to read.
    • the URL – takes you to each blog so you can explore them further.  Unfortunately it is not set up to open in separate windows, which is a bit of a pain in the butt.
    • the approximate number of subscribers – 846,000+ subscribers for one…wow!
    • main income source – I found this interesting, as I have wondered how “professional bloggers” make a living.  Seems the answer is predominantly through advertisements, affiliate links and e-Book sales (now the next question is…how do you get from here to there?!?)
    • and his comments about the blog – to a newbie like me, his analysis is helpful.

I’m drawn to the blog for obvious reasons – I’m new to blogging and its directing me to solid examples of blogs that work plus provides a range of ideas.  So in that respect, its effective.  I also like how he has set up his overall blog, with a page for his free e-Book (which also subscribes you to his blog updates) and another for blogging tools (great resource for bloggers – I bookmarked it so I can go back to it again).   The blog gets an “A” from this blogging-newbie.

2.  Problogger.  By googling “blog on blogging” I came across a link to the Top 25 Blogs About Blogging.  I randomly chose #1 on the list, which was Problogger.  Wow…I can see why it’s rated so highly.  Tonnes of ideas on how to set up your blog site, from video posts to a header taking you to the Next ProBlogger Training Event.  It appears to be a well laid-out website with one page set up as the actual “blog”.    The site has 5 pages:

    • Home  – this is the screen shot I provided above.  I think it effectively captures a reader’s interest with its Featured, Recently at the Blog, Recent Video Post and Subscribe to the Newsletter
    • Blog –  some very relevant, detailed and interesting posts on blogging.  Very active.
    • Forum – this seems to be the site’s big self-promotion area with bold “advertisements” jumping out at you (“Subscriptions Start at only $5.95”, “Join Now”, “Learn More”)
    • Workbooks – has information on all of the e-books they sell.  Good information about each book but doesn’t allow you to actually read any of the pages in advance (unless I missed it??)
    • Book – sells their book Problogger: Secrets to Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income.  Not your typical e-book.  This is a published book that you can buy through Amazon and Barnes & Noble (both links are provided on the page).  Hmmm…I might go check this out….
    • Jobs – a job board “where bloggers looking for jobs and companies looking for bloggers to hire meet” (wow…I’m learning so much from this site!  It’s a whole different world out there)
    • Make Money – again, for a newbie like me, this answers a lot of questions I have about the whole world of professional blogging.
    • Archives – set up so you can browse the archives by date, topic or through a search box (as an aside, the blog dates back to September 2004)

So…I can see why ProBlogger made it as #1 on the list.  Very interesting site and one that I think exemplifies effective social marketing.  I’m definitely going to spend some time reading this site more thoroughly.  A+++

Whew…that was a long post.  Hopefully you’ve read it all the way to the end.  If you have, I’d love to hear your comments.

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8 Responses to Some amazing blogs on…well…blogging

  1. lunaluchena says:

    This post is gorgeous! You must be some sort of wizard….

    • Thanks – your comment made my day!!!! I’ve put so much time into trying to learn this stuff. What a learning curve! And just when I think I’m starting to get it….I discover yet another layer. Wow…so much you can do (and so much more to learn -sigh). Onward and upward…. 🙂

  2. petphotos95 says:

    I agree, you’ve done a great job with this posting. I think both of those blogs demonstrate that there is just no end to the information that is available on the internet about using the internet! Some days it gets to be quite overwhelming.

    • Hi Petphotos95 (Nancy :)) I hear you – I find myself fluctuating between feeling excited and overwhelmed. The overwhelm comes a bit more from knowing the class is going to be moving on to Facebook and LinkedIn next week….and I could spend another week (or more) exploring the world of blogging (and there are only just so many hours in a day!). Oh well…maybe LinkedIn won’t excite me as much and I can squeeze in more time to play with blogging 🙂

  3. wendy0114 says:

    Diane, I really enjoyed your blog. I DID take your advice, and get a cup of coffee first!! I really want to steal your idea, and do this for my assignment too – as it seems like such a win-win!! (But, I won’t 😞. Well done. What a learning curve indeed!!

  4. bbray says:

    loved your blog post Diane. Easy, breezy but packed with information. You know, even when #ADL310 is finished, I’m going to be following your blog.

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